Black Needle Noise / Under My Skin feat. Tara Busch

Not wasting any time after the release of Lost in Reflections, the second full length collection of Black Needle Noise tracks, John Fryer is back doing what he does best. What’s that? Writing the most creative tracks you’ve ever heard with some of the most talented artists you can imagine. Under My Skin sees Fryer partnering with I Speak Machine’s Tara Busch and I can’t think of a better way to start building material for a third Black Needle Noise album.

I try to remain objective as I cover these Black Needle Noise tracks because it’s so easy to get caught up with a “This track is my favorite!” and “No, this track is my favorite!”, or “Wait, I mean THIS is my favorite, for sure!” With so much variety in John’s production and high level of talent involved with his collaborators, you’re never going to hear the same thing twice. Picking a favorite is impossible because each track is an island of its own. That being said, if I had to pick a potential front runner for one of the best collaborations in the Black Needle Noise catalogue, Under My Skin with Tara Busch would be very high on that list. The rise and fall of John’s synth score is equally matched by Tara’s vocals. It doesn’t just stop with her vocals though…the lyrical content here is deep. For example…

Last night you sat beside my bed
I felt the hands, the face, the breath
Wrapped me in terror your lover your laughter
my shadow has crumpled to nothing
Last night you crawled inside my head

It gives me goosebumps every time! With John’s rhythmic score playing out underneath it like a roiling sea, you get a track that makes you feel something…it pulls you into the story being told here, for better or worse.

As always, you can find Black Needle Noise tracks at Bandcamp, and Under My Skin is available right now. Want more Black Needle Noise? Well you’re in luck! Head over to to John’s Pledge Music page by clicking HERE to get your pre-order in for limited edition vinyl, signed merchandise, and so much more!

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