New Music: Frisky Monkey / You Kiss Me

Atlanta’s premiere synthpop outfit, Frisky Monkey, have a new single coming out this Friday! I’ve got good news though…if you want to hear You Kiss Me right now you can hear it below! Even better, you’re going to get to see them live November 11th at Echosynthetic Fest at The Earl right here in Atlanta (click HERE for tickets)! Want even more Frisky Monkey? Check out their Bandcamp page for all sorts of synthpop goodness.

I’m always excited when Frisky Monkey has new music, and You Kiss Me does not disappoint. There’s a buttery smooth sophistication in Juan Cezar’s vocals that multi-instrumentalist Douglas Pettus is able to showcase perfectly. In short, You Kiss Me is a heady swirl of synthpop fun without feeling like a cheap throwaway. What I mean by that is this; Frisky Monkey touch on the fantastic pop sensibilities of the 1980’s without getting trapped there. You Kiss Me certainly touches on the magic of that golden era of synthpop, but it doesn’t get trapped there. That is exactly why I love this band so much. They’re not interested in recreating the sound of another band or getting lost in the nostalgia of decades gone by. Frisky Monkey have carved out a niche for themselves in the here and now, and in doing so they’ve set themselves head and shoulders above the rest.


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