New Music: Decade Defector / Dead Man’s Rhodes EP

That’s right! Not only do we get new Decade Defector hot on the heels of their Renegade EP, we’re getting a special Halloween EP! The duo have teamed up with Avery West and created Dead Man’s Rhodes, a special 1980’s take on Dead Man’s Bones (the duo of Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields). Not only have they outdone themselves by doing something really cool, they’ve nailed these tracks!

Dead Man’s Rhodes consists of four Dead Man’s Bones covers, each one maintaining the heart and soul of the original. But merely maintaining the heart and soul is only half of the fun here. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t Decade Defector fans and boy are you in for a treat. Somehow they’ve managed to do these songs justice while adding their own unique touch. How exactly do you make doo-wop style tracks with crooner vocals into a totally danceworthy synthwave track? I have no clue, but Decade Defector figured it out! The addition of Avery West on accompanying vocals was a stroke of genius! She adds so much depth the each cover…I can’t imagine them without her.

You can grab your copy of Dead Man’s Rhodes right now over at Bandcamp for the low price of $4.00. If you’re fans of Dead Man’s Bones, you’ll be happy to hear that these officially licensed covers will see royalties going to the band as well. If you’re following Decade Defector on Spotify (and why would you NOT be following them?!?), have no fear. Dead Man’s Rhodes will be on Spotify soon! A lot of artists are doing special Halloween releases, but Decade Defector have the corner on the coolest one I’ve seen yet. The bar is officially raised!

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