New Music: Foxtails Brigade / Perfect Execution (Scarewave Remix)

Well before I created Echosynthetic, Halloween and fall have always been my favorite time of the year. Now that I get to cover Halloween themed remixes of tracks it has intensified my enjoyment of the season! We have record labels submitting compilations, horror inspired EPs, and perfectly crafted gems like this one. Foxtails Brigade, an outfit out of San Francisco, have hit Halloween paydirt with their Perfect Execution (Scarewave Remix).

How good is it? My wife, who generally dislikes anything with an 80’s tilt (I know…I know), was walking by as I was listening. She stopped and said, “What is that?” I told her it was a new track from Foxtails Brigade. Her response? “I really like that!” What does that have to do with anything, you might be asking? Broad appeal. That’s what. Foxtails Brigade have a track here that is so good that it doesn’t matter what your “type” of music is, it has an appeal that jumps genre. It’s catchy, it has an undeniable beat, and the blend of pitch perfect vocals with those synths are hard to deny. I’ve personally listened to the track a dozen times since I first heard it last night!

I’ve included the original track above so that you can get a point of reference for it’s transformation. When I talked about the remix with Foxtail Brigade’s Anton, he had this to say: “It already had kind of an 80’s vibe but it was more of an acoustic approach. I recently got deep into listening to synthwave and secretly started working on this remix. It’s actually not that different from the original. Other than the bridge, the chords and melodies are pretty much all the same, just played on synths. I wasn’t originally going to for the horror theme but when I tried some horror sounds it really brought me back to the good old Thriller days, so we kept them in.”

You can find Perfect Execution (Scarewave Remix) along with all the other Foxtail Brigade releases (HIGHLY recommended) at Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and iTunes!

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