New Music: Dimi Kaye / Shadow Run

Anytime there’s new Dimi Kaye music there’s a gut reaction inside me that jumps up and down like a kid, pumping my fist in the air exclaiming “Yesssssssss!” out loud. There’s just something about Dimi Kaye that is so exciting…I’m not sure if it’s his master level guitar work, his ability to nail any style of music he puts his mind to, or if it’s because he’s so good at conveying the feel of his music into the real world. Shadow Run makes me feel like I’m soaring down some palm lined beach road as the sun goes down, flooring the gas on my neon and chrome Lamborghini. Who says summer has to end? It ends when Dimi Kaye says it does, and obviously sunshine and outrun fun on the beach is still alive and kicking! Want the best news? You can grab Shadow Run right now over at Bandcamp for however much you’d like to throw Dimi’s way. Click HERE to add it to your collection today.

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