New Music: Video Void / Saturday Night (Video Void Remix)

Video Void has a cool new remix out today and it’s one of those rare takes on a track that stands head and shoulders with the source material. The Video Void Remix of Norway’s Espen Kraft hit Saturday Night is fun, upbeat, and most importantly, a body mover. In classic Video Void fashion the remix gets a Nu Disco injection, and that’s where I feel like it wins the most. The groove is beyond infectious, and with the addition of synthwave aesthetics, Saturday Night (Video Void Remix) becomes a dance floor hit.

I’m always thrilled to hear remixes like this. Too often remixers are afraid to make the song their own…to deviate too far from the path. Video Void took the risks involved and came up with a killer take on the song, one that I will find myself listening to far more than the original song. I’ve included the Espen Kraft track below so that you can compare the two!

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