New Music: Big Lich / Dark Matter

As soon as the new Big Lich release starts, you know this isn’t your normal trip around the park. There are very few bands that blend pure rock fury and synths better, and Dark Matter sees Big Lich pushing their own boundaries as front runners in electrodeath music! If you aren’t already familiar with Big Lich, you’re in for a face melting treat! If you’re a Big Lich veteran, you’d better take a seat because they’ve dialed things up to 10 on this one!

As much as I like to try and be original in these reviews, Elay Arson (another artist who brilliantly blends a metal aesthetic to synth music) had this to say about Dark Matter: “Sounds like stoner metal meets a Sega Genesis. The overall vibe is almost as if synths from a Volkor X track got spilled onto a heavy portion of a song by The Sword.” He’s hit the nail on the head. There’s an adventurous video game vibe to these tracks…for me it’s the soundtrack to a yet to be released Metroid game where Samus finds herself plumbing the depths of hellish netherworld.

From shredding guitar work that rivals that of any mainstream metal band, double bass drums that are going to shake you at the core, and synth soundscapes that have just as much hook as the guitar chords, Big Lich are a legitimate force to be reckoned with. I dare you to listen to Dark Matter and not bang your head. Nightmare Form alone has some of the tightest riffs I’ve heard in years, keyboard solos that are faster than my mind can think, and tempo changes that keep you guessing. Who’s making music like this? Nobody but Big Lich. They’ve got the corner on this market and I dare someone to knock them off this perch. Good luck…they’ve got a Bat with a Sword.

Seriously…listen to these clips and tell me they don’t get you hyped up. I’m always absolutely floored by how much technical talent there is in Big Lich.

You can snag Dark Matter right now over at Bandcamp, and you’ve got absolutely no reason to not add it to your collection. If you love metal and you love synths, Big Lich are a dream come true (or should I say nightmare?!?). I can say this…if I had a band, I could only wish they sounded like Big Lich. Mike Beaton and Pat Stein, I bow to you good sirs. Dark Matter is one of 2017’s hottest releases, and that’s no lip service.

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