World Premiere: Astral Tales / Raytracers – Hear it Here First!

The new Astral Tales record doesn’t release until October 23rd, but we’ve got the hook up with a full stream of the album two days early. With his previous album, Landing, being one of my favorite releases of 2016, Raytracers has been very high on my “can’t wait” list. Thankfully the wait is over, with pre-orders officially live over at Bandcamp. This time around Astral Tales is offering a limited edition digipak cd that includes exclusive artwork, a museum quality print of the album cover, and a bundle if you’d like both! There are only 50 copies of the cd out there so I would act fast if I were you.

So, what exactly makes Astral Tales so special…why am I so excited about Raytracers? The story actually begins back with Landing. It was a brilliant audio narrative tale about Red Iris and her attempts to cope of the absence of life in a universe that isn’t ours but could very well be if circumstances were different. You can check out my full coverage of it HERE along with a brilliant interview with Astral Tales! Instead of picking up where Landing left off, Raytracers goes back, giving us a glimpse into the events leading up to that tale. How cool!

On a musical level, Astral Tales has few that can match his ability to weave music, story, and emotion. Where some artists are very good at creating a window for the listener to be a part of the world they’ve created, Astral Tales opens the door wide open and takes you with him. Raytracers is a treasure chest of dystopian adventure, treks through an alternate reality, and it all feels so real…so tangible. On a musical level Astral Tales has never sounded better. I don’t know how long it takes him to write each track or how he pieces together his narrative, but Raytracers just FEELS tight. It feels like a lot of time and care was put into every keystroke, vocal addition, and production tweak. It flows from beginning to end as if it’s one whole, and if you’re telling a story with an album I don’t know how to compliment it any higher.

As I mentioned earlier, Raytracers is available now for pre-order, but be sure to head over to Twitter or Facebook and thank Astral Tales for this opportunity to listen to his music early. Very few artists do this and it’s a special gift to you, his listeners. Give him a follow!

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