New Music: Galaxy 80 / Stranger Things Tribute

It’s finally here! After what seems like the longest wait ever, Stranger Things Season 2 hit Netflix today. While I’m sure a lot of you have binge watched the entire season by now, others are waiting for their significant other because they’ll be furious if you watch the show without them (oh wait…did I say that out loud?!?…that’s MY situation, haha). So now that you’re finished you’re left with that empty feeling associated with “I Need More Stranger Things” syndrome. Lucky for you, I’ve got the cure!

In celebration of Stranger Things Season 2 launch day, Galaxy 80 has released a soundscape collection inspired by the show. This is so much more than your run of the mill remix of the title track. Oh no…his Stranger Things Tribute is so much deeper. This is a full on immersive experience that takes you into the Stranger Things universe, hands you some Eggos, a walkie talkie, and invites you along as part of the gang. It’s almost like getting your own exclusive sneak preview into a new season where YOU get to create the story, explore the upside-down, and come out the other side (or will you?!?).

Galaxy 80 has really outdone himself with this Stranger Things Tribute. As far as I’m concerned it’s part of the Stranger Things cannon. You can tell that he spent a lot of time crafting these soundscapes and with each keystroke he pulls you deeper into this alternate Stranger Things universe. There are a lot of comps coming out this Halloween, but Galaxy 80 has set the bar high for spooky 80’s inspired storytelling. Head over to Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud and give this guy a well earned follow!

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