New Music: Love Impasse / Impasse D’Amour

What happens when you blend synthwave, new wave pop, and Italo Disco? You get Love Impasse, a most impressive outfit from Buenos Aires. You’ve got countless artists that have tapped into the new wave and synthpop of the 1980’s but there’s a goldmine of brilliance left by the Italo Disco era that have been mostly untapped. Imagine my excitement when I put on the Impasse D’Amour EP!

As the chief writer here at Echosynthetic I’ve been able to listen to and cover a staggering amount of artists at this point. Each bring something to the table, or I wouldn’t cover them. I’m always thrilled when I’m filtering through submissions a band like Love Impasse jumps out at me. It’s something new, something fresh, and I get to sit back and lose myself in what the artist has created. What Love Impasse has created is a soundscape that lives in the here and now and the brilliance of a mid-1980’s disco.

I honestly can’t recommend this EP any more than I already have. It’s amazing stuff and I fully intend to have it on repeat for quite some time (seeing as how I’m hopelessly addicted to Italo Disco anyway). Much like an Erasure release, it gives just enough new with the old to balance things out. Love Impasse are a band to watch. Mark my words. Pick it up now at Bandcamp!

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