New Music: Stranger Synths Vol. 1 from the Filtersweep Collective + Q&A With Dimi Kaye, Decade Defector, Occams Laser, Actroid, and Ethereal Delusions

Tis the season for Halloween compilations and Filtersweep Collective have drawn first blood. Their Stranger Synths Vol. 1 is a massive collection of songs hit today and when I say massive, I mean it. This is a behemoth compilation that clocks in at 27 tracks. That’s right…twenty-seven! This is beyond a steal at the $10.00 asking price over at Bandcamp, putting each track at about .37 cents a piece…like I said, it’s a steal.

Seriously…check out this stacked track listing. Stranger Synths is filled with a who’s who list of artists!

You may be wondering what makes Stranger Synths any different from all the other comps out there (and you do have several to choose from). For starters, this isn’t a grouping of re-imagined horror film theme songs. For the most part these are original tracks inspired by the best season of all, Halloween, and all the trappings that come along with it. I thought this was a very cool take on a seasonal comp and it truly sets Filtersweep apart. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing covers or remixing well known themes, it’s just super cool to have such a well thought out and well rounded alternative.

What’s more, we asked some of the artists about Halloween and their inspiration behind the track they chose!

What inspired your track for this compilation?

Dimi Kaye: The feeling you have when something is about to go horribly wrong, Hammer films and black metal intros. By the way, the first person who figures out from which film is the sample I used and tweets me the answer, will get codes for all my releases 😉

Decade Defector: We wanted to do a special release for Halloween but were short on time. Therefore, we started to look at songs to cover and at first only planned to do 1 Dead Man’s Bones cover. However, we quickly feel in love with the entire album and decided we had a do a mini tribute EP!

Occams Laser: Definitely the X-Files! I love some of the more terrifying episodes which blur the lines between supernatural and horror.

Actroid: The X-Files, watched it growing up, and thought a sci-fi horror track would be pretty cool.

Ethereal Delusions: I love old video games and big cinematic sounds. This track was a way to merge those loves into one big bombastic tune.

Favorite Halloween costume you had growing up?

Dimi Kaye: In Greece we have a similar holiday like Halloween, it happens in February, three weeks before Easter and was a celebration of the god Dionysus. It is filled with wine, food and mischief, everyone dresses up but, even though you can see normal costumes, it’s the surreal choices people make that are totally interesting. My favorite that I wore as a kid was the suit and red cape of Dracula, paired with a gorilla mask that had blood dripping from the mouth, and a top hat.

Decade Defector: Power Ranger!

Occams Laser: I went as Peter Pan once to a Halloween party when I was 13, and trust me nobody needs to see a 6’4 guy in green tights with leg hair poking out!

Actroid: Never had one!. Just hung out with mates and watched scary movies on Halloween.

Ethereal Delusions: Either the White Ninja Ranger or when I was a British Revolutionary war soldier. Both costumes were made by my mom.

Which do you prefer? Trick or Treat?

Dimi Kaye: Trick. I’m all about mischief.

Decade Defector: I’m a skateboarder, so I definitely prefer tricks!

Occams Laser: Treat! I have a sweet tooth. Plus the usual trick is…we’re going to egg your house.

Actroid: Trick Every time. Old Toilet roll over the house stunt.

Ethereal Delusions: Depends, I’d love to be treated to a glass of scotch.

Anyone you’d like to thank or shout out?

Dimi Kaye: Thank you to Jamie Christie and Filtersweep Collective for inviting me to take part in this compilation! Shout out to all the cool kids at /r/outrun!

For more of my music you can check my latest single “Shadow Run”. It’s free to download!

Decade Defector: We would like to thank Dead Man’s Bones (Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields)! Everyone should check out their album, it really is some great music. Also, we would like to extend a huge thanks to all our fans! We wouldn’t be here without you!

Occams Laser: I would love to mention my son Flynn, who was born just over a week ago! He’s been my Halloween treat this year.

Actroid: Everyone.

Ethereal Delusions: Big shout out to JJ Christie for the invite and to Scott from RetroSynth for the help and backing of this my new release!

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