New Music: Ethereal Delusions / The Descent

I know we are one day off of Halloween but I wanted to give the new Ethereal Delusions release my entire attention. It wouldn’t have been fair to lump it in with all of the compilations that came out yesterday. The Descent fully deserves the showcase it is getting today, because not only is it amazing, it marks the debut of Ethereal Delusions on RetroSynth Records! Talk about two powerhouses joining forces!

As with any Ethereal Delusions release, The Descent is a legitimate event. This is so much more than a “Halloween” release. Dark synth music can be enjoyed year round and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed hearing Jon try his hand at it. Whether you’re looking for neon sunshine and wave or a progressive synth journey into the unknown, Ethereal Delusions has already proven he’s the man that can take you there. With The Descent, Ethereal Delusions has shown he can do anything, even stare into the abyss…daring it to look back.

The Descent is five tracks of some of the darkest music you’re going to find this side of Gost, Gregorio Franco, and Hexenkraft. What I love about every single Ethereal Delusions release is that you’re guaranteed to get something that nobody else is doing. Always the trendsetter, Jon Thomson is a craftsman that has no fear of creating new trails for others to follow. Even his collaborations with Lyoko, The Powerwalker, and TONEDEAF help further this point. Instead of just name dropping artists onto his release, he uses their talents to push the tracks to new heights, well, in this case I suppose it would be new depths.

You can grab The Descent right now over at Bandcamp. These are the kind of releases I wholeheartedly support and put my own money down on. I want more of this kind of music blasting through my headphones. Music that isn’t afraid to push boundaries like they don’t exist.

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