Dreddd reviews Hello Meteor / The Glowing – Final Cut

I’m always excited to have guest writers on the site because I think they help provide a different look at things. I always enjoy reading about how someone experiences music, because it’s a very personal thing…it’s a magic that we all share but we don’t always have the same ideas or opinions. With that I’m so very thrilled to give you Dreddd’s take on an album that is very near and dear to him! Enjoy!

Hello, Dreddd here! Echosynthetic has given me the very awesome privilege of doing my first review, and I can honestly say I’m nervous. I really wanted to go in depth with Hello Meteor’s reissue of The Glowing – Final Cut, with one new track and originals that haven’t been available in years, newly remastered tracks from Hello Meteor’s synthiest synthwave albums – The Glowing, Eventide, Respect Your Ghosts, Screen Memories, plus a few previously unreleased tracks. This will be the only way you can purchase these individual tracks!

I first got into Hello Meteor with his August release, Pantropic. To me it was a beautiful experience (and you should check it out now). If this article is your introduction to Hello Meteor, The Glowing – Final Cut is the perfect starting point. It takes you on a very deep dive into some of the best produced underground music available. Everything has personality to it. These tracks are distant, pretty, cinematic, melodic, spacey, and energetic.

I know that he recently moved to Los Angeles and I almost thought that that was the inspiration behind The Glowing – Final Cut, but as it turns out the front cover is a throwback to the original cover art view from the Griffith Park Observatory. It actually goes way deeper than that, with The Glowing being a retelling of the first CD that he ever made. It is also a send-off to his original style of creating synthwave.

For me, these songs are like the missing pieces to film soundtracks that don’t even exist, and the fact that he would reissue this music is amazing. Though The Glowing – Final Cut boasts a track list 22 songs deep, it never seems over long. Besides, this is a collection of music that has been unavailable for quite some time, and never all in one place. You can tell that a lot of care and devotion was put into creating something special here. For example a couple of my favorite songs, Salience and On the Shadows, are so deep and beautiful that they take you away from everything. They make you feel like you’ve been pulled back right into the nostalgia…it’s an intense experience that’s so cinematic that it’s like you’re there. It’s almost genre-less in that way.

Speaking of nostalgia, this album is very much like closing one chapter in your life. You’re ready to start a new journey, do the best you can, and see what else is out there. Whether you’re looking back a year later, or ten, The Glowing – Final Cut feels like looking into a window on that past. It almost makes you feel nostalgic for memories that are just out of reach, a time in your life that didn’t even exist. That is Hello Meteor’s crowning achievement…finding ways to pull emotions out of you that you didn’t know were there, or maybe you didn’t know you could still feel (maybe you’d been distracting yourself rather than feeling things). The Glowing – Final Cut is the perfect album to make you feel like everything is going to be okay, tomorrow is another day, and give you hope to try again. It’s an album that moves you in ways you don’t expect, and is best experience end to end as a complete experience.

I find myself being more close-minded about what I listen to on a regular basis nowadays (more often than not I’m working on my own music), but Hello Meteor’s music is the first in a very long time that completely blew me away. Maybe it’s because I had never heard music like this before, or maybe it’s because of how it makes me feel, the intent behind the music. I feel like it goes a lot deeper than that, though. Not since I first experience the White Pony album by The Deftones have I heard an album with such variation, beautiful soundscapes, and deep emotion that allows you to enjoy the music in its purest form. Hello Meteor may be closing a chapter on one style of music but the future is so open and bright for this wonderful artist.


Big thanks to Dreddd for such a deep and thoughtful review for an album that obviously means a lot to him. It’s not always easy take such a deep dive into a record with so much meaning and I think he did a fine job! You can find Hello Meteor’s The Glowing – Final Cut over on Bandcamp right now.

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