Echosynthetic Fest Artist Focus: Vampire Step-Dad + 1st Impressions of Night:Shift


Vampire Step-Dad is the third focus artist in a series of articles that cover each of the Echosynthetic Fest acts. If you’re on the fence about coming I’m hoping that these write-ups will better inform you of who is playing at the show and why you should come out and see them. Like any festival, you’ve got a set of number of artists (in this case it is 10), and you don’t always know much about every band you’re going to see. Vampire Step-Dad is one of Atlanta’s brightest stars on the synthwave scene, and if this is your introduction, I envy your experience of hearing him for the first time!

Vampire Step-Dad has been no stranger to Echosynthetic, and as such we’re going to spend a little more time on his artist focus. He was an early adopter of the idea I had to create a website focused on this music, he was one of our first interviews, and more than that, he’s provided constructive insight and thoughts on how Echosynthetic could improve. In other words, he gave me a lot of confidence when I shaky out of the gates and has continued to be source of positive reinforcement for me, but also for new and established artists on the scene. In other words, he’s a pretty swell guy.

So, why should you come out to see Vampire Step-Dad at Echosynthetic Fest? Well, for starters, if you’re asking that question you’ve not seen him live before. If you’d been to the show with Carpenter Brut/Street Fever or TWRP, you’d probably already have your Echosynthetic Fest tickets purchased. For the rest of you, there are very few synthwave artists who transition to a live stage better than Vampire Step-Dad. From keytar solos, dad jokes, and the worst/best sweater action you’ve ever seen, VSD brings it (seriously, just watch the video below). There’s banter, there’s crowd interaction, and if you weren’t a fan before you got there, you can be sure that you’re going to leave as one. Besides, Vampire Step-Dad has new music coming out November 9th, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to hear the live debut of new tracks at Echosynthetic Fest! *Editor’s Note: Vampire Step-Dad just confirmed this morning that he will be debuting TWO new songs at the Fest!

Speaking of Night:Shift, I’m currently on my third playthrough and I thought this would be the perfect time and place to give you my first impressions on this much anticipated EP! Night:Shift follows the exploits of officer Vlad Legosi in his role as an officer with a secret on a fictional television show (laid out perfectly in one of the best Thursday a 7 tracks yet!). The music on offer here serves as the musical backdrop for the show, even including a pitch perfect theme song (which is surely one of the catchiest tracks in the VSD discography). What makes it all so great, and honestly ties it all together, are the musical interludes that lend weight to the story being told. Tracks like Tracking the Suspect and I Can’t Believe The Bad Guys Killed My Entire Family Again help immerse you in this sitcom/television drama world, right down to the In the Heat of the Night meets Law and Order guitar work. Much like Computronic’s Even the Score, Vampire Step-Dad’s Night:Shift gets it. He knows that it takes more than lumping some songs together to create an immersive experience, and it shows. Night:Shift jumps out of the speakers and becomes an almost tangible story that you, the listener, get to be a part of. You can get your order right now over at (digital, cd, cassette, and cool VSD Night:Shift badge stickers). Stay tuned for a full review once Night:Shift is released!

The $15.00 price of entry gets you access to all the live drums, guitar solos, and keytar thrashing you’d expect at a Vampire Step-Dad show, but that’s not all! You also get to see Majeure (AE Paterra of Zombi!) from Pittsburgh, Glitch Black from Louisiana, FacexHugger from California, 10th Letter from Atlanta, Gregorio Franco from Atlanta, Pattern Language from Colorado, Frisky Monkey from Atlanta, and Ian Deaton from Atlanta.

Beyond Echosynthetic Fest being a gathering of some of the hottest artists in synthwave and synthpop, it’s also a great opportunity to meet and hang out with other fans and artists from around the United States. We’ve got confirmed guests ranging from Seattle and Los Angeles to Boston and Minnesota, including well known synthwave artists who are coming to hang out and enjoy the Fest! But wait, there’s more! Sharing Needles With Friends Podcast are recording a documentary at the show, performing interviews with artists and fans, and capturing this gathering of synth family, known lovingly on the scene as #synthfam. Come out and join us! Tickets are still available at Freshtix!

3 thoughts on “Echosynthetic Fest Artist Focus: Vampire Step-Dad + 1st Impressions of Night:Shift

  1. I came here to familiarize myself with VSD before the show and ended up buying the entire discography, right about when the sun was coming up this morning. Sure hope the push notification didn’t absent-mindedly coax him out of the coffin and into direct sunlight.

    If so: MY BAD, VLAD!


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