Echosynthetic Fest Artist Focus: Gregorio Franco

Gregorio Franco is the sixth focus artist in a series of articles that cover each of the Echosynthetic Fest acts. If you’re on the fence about coming I’m hoping that these write-ups will better inform you of who is playing at the show and why you should come out and see them. Like any festival, you’ve got a set of number of artists (in this case it is 10), and you don’t always know much about every band you’re going to see. For me, if you’re into dark synthwave music, there is no better artist than Gregorio Franco. I’d put his music head to toe with the best of the best, with confidence in my eyes.

Having shows with Gost (more than once, I might add), Perturbator, and Dance With The Dead under his belt, Gregorio Franco has streamlined his live show into something more impressive than I can write down in words. I recently took a friend to see him open for Perturbator, and this friend had never experienced the music of Gregorio Franco before the show. Afterwards he said that if you take away Pert’s light show and stage set up, when you bring it down to raw performances, Gregorio Franco took the night. That’s a completely unbiased opinion, though I have to agree with it, and not just because I’m a fan (Gregorio was the first interview ever here at Echosynthetic!). He’s truly one of the reasons I say that Atlanta is a serious hotbed city for synthwave talent.

But wait, there’s more! Gregorio has promised to reveal a new track at the show, and if the song title is any indication, it’s going to be brutal. The Void Knows Your Name is the latest in an amazing streak of the darkest synthwave on the market (I’ve heard it, and believe me, it’s going to have your body moving and your head banging). I don’t know how he does it, but Gregorio Franco is able to tap into a darkness that is seemingly unreachable by most other artists.

The $15.00 price of entry gets you access to one of the premiere dark synthwave artists in Gregorio Franco! But there’s more! You also get to see Majeure (AE Paterra of Zombi!) from Pittsburgh, Shredder 1984 from France, Vampire Step-Dad from Atlanta, FacexHugger from California, 10th Letter from Atlanta, Pattern Language from Colorado, Frisky Monkey from Atlanta, and Ian Deaton from Atlanta.

Beyond Echosynthetic Fest being a gathering of some of the hottest artists in synthwave and synthpop, it’s also a great opportunity to meet and hang out with other fans and artists from around the United States. We’ve got confirmed guests ranging from Seattle and Los Angeles to Boston and Minnesota, including well known synthwave artists who are coming to hang out and enjoy the Fest! But wait, there’s more! Sharing Needles With Friends Podcast are recording a documentary at the show, performing interviews with artists and fans, and capturing this gathering of synth family, known lovingly on the scene as #synthfam. Come out and join us! Tickets are still available at Freshtix!

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