Echosynthetic Fest Artist Focus: Ian Deaton

Ian Deaton is the ninth focus artist in a series of articles that cover each of the Echosynthetic Fest acts. If you’re on the fence about coming I’m hoping that these write-ups will better inform you of who is playing at the show and why you should come out and see them. Like any festival, you’ve got a set of number of artists (in this case it is 10), and you don’t always know much about every band you’re going to see. Ian Deaton is a talented artist across multiple projects, whether it be musical performances or film composition, he has his hand in a lot of the creative work going on in Atlanta. Beyond that, his bombastic synth punk live show is something not to be missed!

Deaton has been involved in the Atlanta music scene for years, has three albums under his belt as a solo artist, and like I said, a live show that has to be seen to be understood. The music on offer here is a frenetic blend of blastbeat drums, synths, and a whole lot of punk swagger. This synthpunk blend blew me away when I saw him play with Gregorio Franco and Gost earlier in the year. In fact, he was one of the first artists I asked to join Echosynthetic Fest. He gave up his spot so that 10th Letter could play, but thankfully good karma found him back on the lineup.

I couldn’t be more excited for you to hear and see Ian Deaton take control of the stage this weekend! Why? Because he is the perfect example of the growing synth based talent we have here in Atlanta, and half of my goal with the site is to grow and build the scene locally. I can guarantee you’ve never heard anything like Ian Deaton and that makes it so exciting to share with you.

The $15.00 price of entry gets you access to synthpunk pioneer Ian Deaton! But there’s more! You also get to see Majeure (AE Paterra of Zombi!) from Pittsburgh, Shredder 1984 from France, Vampire Step-Dad from Atlanta, FacexHugger from California, 10th Letter from Atlanta, Pattern Language from Colorado, Gregorio Franco from Atlanta, and Frisky Monkey from Atlanta.

Beyond Echosynthetic Fest being a gathering of some of the hottest artists in synthwave and synthpop, it’s also a great opportunity to meet and hang out with other fans and artists from around the United States. We’ve got confirmed guests ranging from Seattle and Los Angeles to Boston and Minnesota, including well known synthwave artists who are coming to hang out and enjoy the Fest! But wait, there’s more! Sharing Needles With Friends Podcast are recording a documentary at the show, performing interviews with artists and fans, and capturing this gathering of synth family, known lovingly on the scene as #synthfam. Come out and join us! Tickets are still available at Freshtix!


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