New Music: Vampire Step-Dad / Night:Shift


That’s right, everyone’s favorite Step-Dad is back at it, but this time he’s going to be home late. In fact, he’s going to be “fighting crime until the break of dawn” with his new gig as a police officer in a crime drama called Night:Shift. Every new Vampire Step-Dad release is an event, and the premiere of Night:Shift is no different. It is set to make its debut Thursday at 7 (of course it is) and I can’t tell you how excited I am! Wait, I guess I have to, right? That’s what you’re here for, right?

Night:Shift follows officers Legosi and Cusson as they get to know each other, fight crime, and tackle a very big secret. The music flows just like it would if you were watching the events unfold on television. You can almost see the short action vignettes and freeze frames on the actors during the Night Shift Theme! What’s more, there are musical interludes between the story arc songs that add so much depth to the unfolding drama. From Tracking the Suspect to I Can’t Believe The Bad Guys Killed My Entire Family Again, Vampire Step-Dad has created a tangible world where these officers live, work, and die (but not really, because Legosi can’t die…*spoiler alert*).

With a fully realized world, Vampire Step-Dad has succeeded in creating a very real crime drama with Night:Shift. There’s a sleight of hand that has to work, an illusion that has to be believed, for a soundtrack like this to work. If you put your headphones on you’ll find yourself following Cusson and Legosi on this journey…you might even remember your favorite episode from the show, or laugh when the chief gets upset about midnight bake sales that don’t pull in a dime. What’s more, VSD has managed to draw from every crime drama there ever was, from In the Heat of the Night to Miami Vice, and still stamp his signature sound on the music.

It’s been a long established fact that my wife is not in any way a fan of the 1980’s, or much of a synthwave fan because of it. She’s forced to listen to it because I do, of course, and I listen to it 7 days a week. That being said, she loves Vampire Step-Dad, and if I were to put on one of his tracks, any of them, even one of these new songs that she’s never heard, she knows who it is. Why do I bring this up? Vampire Step-Dad’s appeal to a bigger and wider audience. That’s where the sleight of hand I mentioned earlier comes into play. His music has a quality that connects with people, and when you’re connected to the music it can take you absolutely anywhere.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the people behind the creation of this amazing piece of work! First of all, notice how great these tracks sound? That’s because it was mastered by The G, and he’s one of the best producers (and synthwavers) in the business. Period. The great cover art was created by Michael Mauldin, with the jacket art done by Mike Mumah. Finally, here’s the cast of the Thursday at 7 track:

  • VO: Mike Bell
  • Cusson: Sean Cusson
  • Legosi: Vlad Legosi
  • Chief: Lonnie Marts

It goes without saying that you should head over to and get your order in for the album. You even save $$$ by buying there instead of Bandcamp. He’s got CDs, cassettes, digital versions, and Night:Shift inspired Vampire Step-Dad badge stickers! If you’re in the area or looking to make a roadtrip to Atlanta, you can catch him live Saturday November the 11th at Echosynthetic Fest.

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