New Music: Neon Wolves II – Lost City

Let me introduce you to Scythe Saga Records. This extremely interesting project is the brainchild of Jon Reilly (aka Jon of the Shred) and Jean-Pierre Van Damme, along with a collective of others with different skillsets to help this conceptual frame of reality.  The underlying theme is a series of concept albums and compilations, most of which tie together in the same universe. Head on over their website to spend an immersive time exploring this amazing landscape.


This bring us to the latest offering “Neon Wolves II – Lost City”.

I spoke to Jean-Pierre about this latest compilation.

Thanks for talking to me Jean-Pierre, what can you tell me about This trilogy of graphics novels and soundtracks.

“The characters and story was created by Jon Reilly (aka Jon of the Shred) and myself.

Its a sequel to my first two novels we also released over Scythe saga Records. The first one was “End of Days” then “Neon Wolves”.
The sequel ties everything together because it’s a extended story universe.”

So how does this novel playout in the sequence of events?

“Neon Wolves II Lost City continues the story from the first novel. The survived gang members of the Neon Wolves flee to another city, only to find chaos ruling the streets due to the dangerous street drug “Flesh of Fallen Angels.” But just as the Neon Wolves, the psychosis ridden junkies, and Road Busters are set to clash, portals begin showing up everywhere, and from the emerges demonic entities.
It can be described as The Warriors movie set in an dystopian Blade Runner like city.”

So the complete package of a beautifully presented 28 page graphic novel combined with the 11 track compilation can be found on Scythe Saga’s bandcamp page. And you can read the story to Neon Wolves II: Lost City as you listen to the killer synthwave soundtrack!.

This massive compilation is a fantastic collection of big-name and lesser-known synthwave artists, and it certainly contains something to please everyone. Just check out this tracklist.

  1. Cody Carpenter – Welcome to Lost City
  2. Europaweite Aussichten – Son of a Knife
  3. Absolute Valentine – Flesh of Fallan Angels
  4. Neoslave – Hypnotic Nightmares
  5. Speed machine – Bloody and Death
  6. Jon of the Shred – The End is Nigh!
  7. KFDDA – Shadows of Macropolis
  8. Beckett – Death Reversed
  9. Nightstalker – Curse of Life
  10. Microchip Terror – End of All Days
  11. Damokles – Gates of Khykvin

The website and bandcamp pages are full of treats, and fully deserve a deep-dive into this private dystopian universe. Do yourselves a favour! and put aside a good few days of pure listening pleasure and graphic novel exploration.

As well as a writer for Echosynthetic, Jamie Christie is a synthpop and futuresynth artist from Australia producing under the moniker JJChristie and manages a synthwave/electronica label Filtersweep Collective. Check out his material here

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