New Music: TNG3000 / Into the Phantasm

I am a sucker for horror themed music…I’ll listen to it any day of the year. I guess that’s why I view Halloween as more of a lifestyle than a season. I had a blast going through all of the horror anthologies and collections that I received last month, but I’ve been feeling withdrawals over the past couple of weeks. Thankfully TNG3000 hooked me up with his absolutely brilliant Into the Phantasm release.

Before we even get started, you need to click play on the link above. This article needs a soundtrack and TNG3000 has already written a perfect one. In all honesty, the music itself is going to convince you of its authenticity far more than my words will. The first thing you’re going to notice is that this music isn’t just an homage…it could very well have been written in the late 70’s or early 80’s. It almost makes me sad that these aren’t scores because I want to see the films they would be accompanying. How did TNG3000 pin down the sound of the golden age of horror soundtracks? Let’s find out!

“I recorded the majority of the EP using an analog monophonic Microbrute synthesizer (even the polyphonic Synth pads by layering multiple tracks) but you can hear also some piano, a church organ, a choir (my own voice tracked multiple times) and even blazing guitar work in the vein of old guitar heroes of the 80s.”

If you love horror and you love synths, picking up TNG3000’s Into the Phantasm is a no-brainer (you have been listening haven’t you?!?). Remember, nobody says you can only listen to this stuff at Halloween. Why? Halloween is what you make it and for me it is ALWAYS Halloween. Head over to Bandcamp and pick up this gem! I cannot wait to hear what else this obviously talented act has up his sleeves.

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