Tis The Season: Kill All Music Presents / Baby, It’s KILLd Outside – A Holiday Compilation

Twas the night before KILLmas,

& after a fifth of brandy,

you played our new album

and deafened your whole family.

The winter chill is in the air and the holiday season is almost upon us! Why listen to the same old boring songs that get drilled into your head every year? You hear them in the car, at the mall, at the grocery store, and on television. Thankfully Kill All Music have the holiday music cure! Including all your favorite artists from across the Kill All Music family, they happily present to you Baby, It’s KILLd Outside – A Holiday Compilation.

All proceeds will be donated to My Friend’s Place, a charity that has been providing homeless youth in Los Angeles a respite from the streets with daytime shelter, meals, clothing and showers for over 25 years. They serve more than 1,000 young people a year, offering services such as arts and creative workshops, life skills and job search programs, GED and homework tutoring, voter registration, substance abuse education and violence prevention training. Find out more at: myfriendsplace.org/

Beat the Black Friday rush and head over to Bandcamp to pre-order Baby, It’s Killd Outside! Get ready to shake that winter chill and scare the neighbors at the same time thanks to Kill All Music and this fantastic lineup of talent:

1.Occams Laser – Holiday Jam
2. Facexhugger – Home Alone
3. Astrophel – Go Tell it on the Mountain
4. Syntax – Koizumi
5. The Warhorse – Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
6. Adult Karate – Trees
8. Matthew Bauer – Black Friday
9. Candy Cigarettes – Manger Scene
10. Hotel for Dads – Merry Christmas, Babe
11. Grand Lord High Master – It’s Fuckin’ Christmas Time
12. Thoz Meddlin Kidz – Big Wristmas / Sleighride Freestyle / Carol Of The Goons

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