New Music: Caustic / Stimulation EP

What better way to kick off the Echosynthetic Thanksgiving festivities than by posting some new music I am most certainly thankful for! Caustic is, and always has been, an example of how good the underbelly of industrial music is. He never takes himself too seriously and as such he’s been pretty much free to explore his music in ways that most other artists find themselves inhibited. His new EP, Stimulation, is a direct result of that creative freedom, and it’s also pretty damn good.

I’d like to say first and foremost, I love industrial music. I have since I was a kid and discovered it on college radio. From the first time I heard Caustic I was hooked, and since I already told this whole backstory in my interview earlier in the year (you can find that HERE), I’ll focus on the music today.

  • Stimulation kicks in the door and takes no prisoners right out of the gate. Mask of a Face starts off with a droning sound that immediately puts you off balance. You know you’ve crossed over into a territory that’s probably dangerous, and once the static backbeat kicks in at 0:20, it’s confirmed. You’re screwed. Add in some great layers, bombastic bass, and glitched out screams from Phil Barry and you’ve got yourself a killer opener.
  • Induction continues the spiral into the abyss with its oppressive atmosphere (don’t worry, in industrial music that is a top shelf compliment). I love how Caustic managed to get an almost palpable level of tension infused into this track…it’s like a static charge building up. You know it’s about to pop but you don’t know when or where. What’s better? It never does! It just leaves you hanging out there in the darkness. Brilliant track!
  • Buzzkill gets the body moving with a steady beat, more of that classic Caustic atmosphere, and an endless pull down this path it’s taking you. It feels like an on rails shooter…you’ve popped your quarters into the machine and you’re a captive audience to the Buzzkill machine!
  • Here we get to my favorite track on the EP, Geistfick. For me it’s an amazing blend of bomb the bass beats, an almost ethereal ambience, and Italian horror of the 1970’s. Who else could cram all of these sounds into one space and make it work?
  • The EP closes with A.D.I.D.A.S. and no, this is no lame Korn cover song. This song has a brutal industrial beat that drives right through to a primal core in the listener. I mean it…you can FEEL the beat in your chest. It’s an great dark closer that works like a not-so-happy Hollywood ending as well. Fun fact guys, you’re not getting off of this ride…you’re on the Caustic train for life!

Most of this music has been previously available to Caustic Patreon contributors (of which I am a proud member). He does it right and we end up with a cool track every month that we get to enjoy well before the general public gets to hear them. This is also why I am a huge fan of DIY music and supporting the artists that I enjoy. We get to feel like we are a part of the process and Caustic is proof that it’s not all about the $$$. He provides his fans with quality music and continues to push boundaries that would be restricted otherwise. In short, support independent music! You can find Stimulation right now on Bandcamp.

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