New Music: low.poly.exception / OniTECH

There are few things I love more than SURPRISE music! low.poly.exception dropped a bomb on everyone this week by surprise releasing the OniTECH full length album and boy oh boy, it’s good. It’s really, really good. There’s no better glitch artist on the scene and with OniTECH he has firmly placed himself on that throne. The previous low.poly.exception releases have been great, but this is the stuff that legends are made of.

OniTECH, sonically and aesthetically, is a mixture of so many things that I love. Japanese culture, post-apocalyptic scenarios, cryptic and mysterious storylines, progressive songwriting, space operas, and more than anything, creative synth work that knows no bounds. I honestly cannot tell you how much this album is not like anything you’ve ever heard before. It is wholly unique in the musical world and I honestly don’t know how to convey that in a review. The best way I can describe it is like this. Imagine you take a walk each afternoon and you pass through the same park every day. You’ve been walking through this park for years…maybe decades. One day you notice a strange stone and you turn turn it over and find that it isn’t real…it’s a simulation of stone. You look up to realize you’re seeing the world with different eyes and you’re discovering things you’ve never seen before. This all sounds like hyperbole and lip service, but I assure you it’s note. OniTECH is a masterpiece. This is mind moving, soul moving, and body moving brilliance on a level that many hope for but so few achieve.

I’m not going to go into a track by track review of this new low.poly.exception album because doing so would short change it. You need to experience this, and I mean EXPERIENCE it. Clear your schedule, get your best headphones, turn off your notifications, and plug into the world that OniTECH provides. Listen to it from start to finish with no interruptions and drift off into this alternate world that exists just through the thin veil with ours. Head over to Bandcamp and add this record to your collection. This is must own material and low.poly.exception hasn’t even set a cost on it. That being said, this music is art, and art always deserves to be recognized, so please throw some change his way. Welcome to the Album of the Year discussion, low.poly.exception!

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