New Music: Overvad / Massive Scoop

Denmark’s Overvad released a new album back in September, and I hate that I’m just now getting around to it. Massive Scoop is steeped in retro-goodness that I think a lot of you are going to enjoy. There’s a lot more to this than just adding 80’s immersion and some well timed samples though. Anyone can do that. Where Overvad exceeds expectations is in creative songwriting. Not only are these songs very catchy, they also sound massive, pulling the listener into a big musical space that few artists are able to accomplish.

As soon as you pop in Massive Scoop you’re going to be introduced to When Planets Collide, a track that would have felt right at home in the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack. It just sounds so BIG! Red Nebula reigns it in a bit with a more delicate exploration but it’s no less thrilling, and that beat is totally dance worthy. No Tail Lights is easily one of the frontrunners in Outrun tracks this year, and you find it sandwiched innocently in the middle of this release, like it’s no big deal. The tempo change that hits you halfway through this song brings the heat and would surely set a live crowd on fire.

Cop 555 pulls us toward the latter half of Massive Scoop, inviting us to ride shotgun through the neon soaked, crime-ridden streets of some massive metropolis. Overvad manages to infuse a futuristic feel while also paying homage to the gritty crime dramas of the 1980’s. Space to High launches us from the alleys and sidewalks into the stratosphere with its uptempo beat and layered harmonies. When I say layered, I mean really, really layered. Each chord is complimented by another to create a warm, ever evolving wall of synth goodness. Massive Scoop closes with a self-titled track that, like the opener, would have fit right into the world of Blade Runner. Soaring synths are balanced by a constant deep backbeat. The song switches things up on you toward the last third of the track and it makes for one spectacular way to close a record.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I really, really, REALLY enjoyed Overvad’s Massive Scoop. He’s taken his influences and he has filtered them through his own unique vision to create a record that truly stands out. What’s crazy is that it still remains infinitely accessible to someone who is new to the scene. Massive Scoop is a well balanced, well paced, and most importantly, well written record. You can find it right now at Bandcamp and also on Spotify (you’re going to want to give Overvad a follow while you’re at it!).

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