New Music: CoolGuyCoolGuy / Frequencies

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again right now. Atlanta is quickly becoming a hotbed of synth-based talent. With established acts like Vampire Step-Dad, Gregorio Franco, Acid Gambit, and Frisky Monkey already laying claim to this destination city, CoolGuyCoolGuy is ready to add his name to the list. If the quality found on his debut EP, Frequencies, is any indication of what is to come, I’d say CGCG is well on his way.

As soon as you hit play on Frequencies you know that you’ve entered into the realm of something new. One of the Bandcamp categories this release is listed under is “post-synthwave” and I think that’s pretty fitting. You’ve got the sensibilities there…a nostalgic pull, catchy hooks, and grooves that get your body moving. That’s when things start getting really interesting. CoolGuyCoolGuy wasn’t content at creating the same kind of paint by numbers record that a lot of new artists push out there. He’s blended in EBM elements, grimy and distorted bass, glitched out effects, blistering guitar solos, and an edginess that keeps you on guard.

You can find this standout debut right now over at Bandcamp for a Pay What You Want price point. It’s a steal for such a strong record, and most certainly an artist you want to keep your eyes (and ears) on. Also, kudos to The G for his top shelf production!

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