Synthy Nominees for Best Album Artwork of 2017

Synthy Awards Bandcamp best artwork

Alright! Here it is! The first category in the 2017 inaugural Synthies, Best Album Artwork! Each category is going to have 10 nominees, with the winners being announced December 31st! And remember, this is all just opinion based fun on my part. I’ve been doing end of the year lists since I was 12 years old and I’m not going to stop anytime soon (besides, nobody can argue the amazingness of the artwork below)! Here are the nominees in no particular order!

Hexenkraft – Tones of Terror / Artwork by Skincube
Computronic – Even the Score / Artwork by Sean Cusson
LVX – Interstellar / Artwork by Xavier Coste
Occams Laser – The Four Horsemen EP / Artwork by Tom Stuart
FacexHugger – Chasing Replicants / Artwork by Mark Kosobucki
Timestalker – Pandemonium / Artwork by Bo Bradshaw
Night Raptor – Night Raptor EP / Artwork by Folgar
Xetrovoid – Nowhere to Run EP / Artwork by Anthony Beyer
Glitch Black – Hypercube / Artwork by Danny Borque
Ulyssio – Arachnophony / Artwork by Atomcyber

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