Synthies Echosynthetic Interview Award

Synthy Awards Bandcamp Echo Interview

This award is going to go to the artist whose interview has had the most hits! I’m going to put the ten interviews here that have had the most traffic with the winner being announced December 31st, just like the rest of the awards. The big difference here though is that no voting will take place, though traffic between now and the announcement date might sway it to a new winner. Who knows! Anyways, here are the most popular interviews we’ve done this year, in no particular order, of course!


Interview with Mark Hockings of Mesh


Interview With John Peacy About UnMute Tribute


Interview with Scott Forte of RetroSynth Records


Interview with TWRP


Interview with Aleks Bonilla of Neo-LA


Interview with Computronic


Interview with Neon Nights


Interview with The Midnight


Interview with Carpenter Brut


Interview with Vampire Step-Dad

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