Synthy Nominees for Best Industrial Record of 2017

Synthy Awards Bandcamp Best Industrial

Alright, we’ve come to a category that’s near and dear to my heart! I’ve been in love with industrial music since college radio introduced me to it in the early 1990’s. Though I don’t get to cover it on Echosynthetic as much as I would like, I intend to change that in 2018. Here are some of my favorite releases of the year, with polls opening as soon as I get all the categories announced. School yourself on any unknown albums and get ready to vote! Here they are in no particular order (and yes, Perturbator is on this list in what is most certainly NOT a synthwave release)!

Godflesh / Post Self

Coutoux / A Hell on Earth

Acid Gambit / Nemesis

3TEETH / shutdown.exe

Uniform / Wake in Fright

Death Therapy / The Storm Before The Calm

Caustic / Stimulation

Street Sects / Rat Jacket

Blut Aus Nord / Deus Salutis Meae

Perturbator / New Model

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