Synthy Nominees for Synthpop Record of 2017

Synthy Awards Bandcamp Best Synthpop

Oh boy! I’ve been looking forward to getting to this category! Synthpop is a genre that flows through my veins and is something I’ve loved going back to my earliest musical memories. You’re going to notice a pretty good mix of independent artists and a few well established ones. For the most part Echosynthetic champions the little guy and anyone who has frequented the site shouldn’t be surprised to see this blend. Alright, here are the nominees in no particular order!

Perpacity + DVL / Convergence

Pattern Language / Total Squaresville

Retroglyphs / Retroglyphs

Sacred Ape / Sacred Ape

Lunar Twin / Night Tides

Love Impasse / Impasse D’Amour

Soulwax / From Deewee

synth8 / Broken Legacies

OMD / The Punishment of Luxury

Masters of the Radio / The Power Beyond

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