New Music: Xetrovoid / Subhumans

Xetrovoid is back and he has brought with him a sound that is grand in scale, darker than ever, and better than anything in his already amazing discography. In short, Subhumans is a first day “must buy” record, especially if you like your synths dipped in post-apocalyptic cyberpunk. In what is easily his most progressive work to date, Xetrovoid seeks to claim the dark synth throne that seems to be rightfully his.

Subhumans, like all other Xetrovoid releases, follows a storyline. This one is about a creation that was heralded as mankind’s greatest creation…the Subhuman. But, what was once the pinnacle of technology is nearing obsoletion and are set for destruction. Well, not if they have anything to do with it. What’s great about setting the stage for a musical release like this is that it works on multiple levels. With just a couple of sentences Xetrovoid has set the stage where his musical play is going to transpire. It also allows us to use his music as the soundtrack for the story as it plays out in our mind. It’s sometimes haunting, sometimes oppressively bleak, and as the uprising begins, very aggressive.

Subhumans shines a light on the multifaceted talents that Xetrovoid has up his sleeves. On just this one record you get to take a trip through industrial, thrasher metal, dark synthwave, orchestral scores, EBM, and just about every other synth based style. What makes this so cool is that it is filtered through a very distinctive Xetrovoid lens. I honestly think this is one of the year’s most impressive songwriting feats.

You can find Subhumans RIGHT NOW over at Xetrovoid’s Bandcamp page. It’s only $5.00, and that is a steal for the quality record he has on offer.

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