Synthy Winner for the John Fryer Producer of the Year Award

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There is a lot of magic and a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes when someone is recording an album. More often than not the record is placed into the hands of a producer who helps turn a musical sculpture into a work of art. What better way to frame this award than by naming it after one of the all time great record producers, John Fryer. His work in the studio has touched just about every single person who enjoys synthpop, EBM, new wave, or industrial music, whether you know it or not. So, now that I’ve built up the anticipation, let’s find out who the winner is:

The winner of the first John Fryer Producer of the Year Award is:

Congratulations to The G!

As you’ve seen with all of the previous categories, we have had a list of 10 to 15 nominees. Polls will open up at the end of this week and YOU get to decide the winners of each category. Well, all of them but this one. As I was sitting down to make a short-list of nominees for Producer of the Year, one name kept popping up on some of the best releases of the year. Not just quality records…no, I mean records that helped define synthwave in 2017. Take a look at (and more importantly, listen to) these albums our first John Fryer Producer of the Year Award winner, The G, had his hand in:

Vampire Step-Dad / Night:Shift – Master by The G

Vampire Step-Dad / Love Bites – Mastered by The G

Computronic / Even the Score – Mastered by The G

24:7 / Zero Hour – Mastered by The G

Beyond work in other genres and a few releases that haven’t quite hit your headphones yet, The G also mastered his two releases this year, both of which sounded crisp, clean, and layered like a cake:

The G / Cosmopolis

The G / Postcards from LA

Congrats, and hats off, to one of the true technical wizards behind the synthwave curtain

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