New Music: Klack Covers Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam

It’s almost the end of 2017 and the EBM duo of Klack have just released what has to be one of the best covers of the year. Their take on Technotronic’s dance floor anthem Pump Up The Jam delivers not only as a serious nod to the 1990 classic, it also hits all the right EBM buttons to transcend the original into a whole new genre. Don’t does take my word for it. The track has shot to #1 on the Bandcamp EBM chart, New Beats chart, and #6 in Industrial. I’ve said it before…making a good cover is tough (especially when it’s a well like song), but Klack have done just that! Check it out below and head over to Bandcamp to grab a copy. It’s a “name your price” bargain so there’s no excuse not to add it to your library!

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