2017 Synthy Award Winners

Ready to find out who won Echosynthetic Synthies in 2017? While we did have a few hiccups with the polls (including bot hacks that broke Echosynthetic), I can say with confidence that the polls are accurate as far as our winners go. Was this a perfect system? Nope! I’ve learned an awful lot of hard lessons this week thanks to these polls, but throughout the process I’ve been able to keep track of IP addresses on the votes. Though we did have some issues with duplicate votes and the polls not correctly blocking them, I can verify that not enough of those votes were cast to throw any of the contested polls. Next year I’ll be doing this differently, but I’m not going to let these issues cast any kind of shadow on the accomplishments of the artists listed below. Congratulations to them all and thank you to everyone who voted!!! Now, your winners:

Album Artwork of The Year Award 

Glitch Black for Hypercube / Artwork by Danny Bourque

This was a close race between LVX and Computronic for most of the week for the top spot, with FacexHugger not far behind. With a strong push in the final days of the poll Glitch Black came from behind to take the prize by a total of TWO votes and 19.65% of the poll!

John Fryer Producer of the Year Award

The G

In an award that was given out last week, The G won the John Fryer Producer of the Year Award for his work across multiple projects. When it came time to narrow the award finalists down it became clear that The G had done so much work in synthwave this year that he was the one who should take home the prize.

Industrial Album of the Year

Perturbator for New Model

This one wasn’t even close. As soon as the polls opened Perturbator took a lion’s share of the votes and never relinquished the lead. He ended up winning with 46.7% of the votes, with Caustic coming in second after a strong push over the second half of the week. I don’t think I really need to say much about New Model or the new directions that Perturbator took his sound in 2017. It’s obviously a well deserved award.

Synthpop Record of the Year

Love Impasse for Impasse D’Amour

This was one of the hottest out of all the polls we had running in the 2017 Synthies! With over 500 votes cast, Love Impasse took first prize for the amazing Impasse D’Amour with 38.35% of the share. It wasn’t a clear cut victory though! Retroglyphs held the lead for most of the week before Perpacity/DVL surged ahead of them. Then Lunar Twin blew up and took control of the poll, but nothing could stop the surging Love Impasse. Congratulations on taking on home the big prize!

Interview of the Year

Scott Forte of RetroSynth Records

This one was a clear cut win for Scott Forte of the always fantastic RetroSynth Records. Aleks of Neo-LA came out to a big lead when the polls opened but nothing was able to keep Scott from taking this one pretty cleanly with 31.13% of the votes.

Remix of the Year Award

Magna Carta Cartel  for Sunsettlers (Synthwave Remix by Sono Tono)

In what appeared to be a sure fire win for JJ.Christie and Primorph who opened up with a massive lead, Magna Carta Cartel ended up taking this category quite easily. They steadily gained votes every single day, right up to the last hour before polls closed. I can tell you this, their fanbase is loyal and they gave Magna Carta Cartel a 42.75% win!

EBM Album of the Year

Boy Harsher for Country Girl EP

Boy Harsher took the lead early in this poll and never gave up the lead. Wulfband attempted a surge toward the end of the week but didn’t garner enough votes to take out one of the best in the business. Country Girl ended up taking 20.51% of the votes in a poll that was very spread out amongst all the nominees.

Synthwave Ambassador of the Year

Andy Last for his work on Beyond Synth

Andy Last and his Beyond Synth radio show took top honors in another one of the highly contested categories this year. This was a tight race between Andy Last, Square Wave Clothing, and a strong surge from The Patchbay. In the end, Andy Last won by 3 votes with a total of 14.12% of the votes.

Collaboration of the Year

The G feat. Vandal Moon for their work on Cosmopolis

What a huge win! The G and Vandal Moon made this one of the most voted polls in all of the Synthies this year with a convincing 39.28% of the votes. I have to admit, this was a personal favorite of mine as well so I’m pleased as punch to see that it did so well. I’m very much looking forward to hearing what BOTH of these artists have in store for 2018!

Single of the Year

Turbo Knight for his single Metahumans

What a tight race! Turbo Knight edged out Fireball by Enzo Van Baelen by 6 votes and Glitch Black by 9 votes with a tight 14.75% of the poll. Metahumans was just one of any of Turbo Knight’s singles that I could have picked to be in the race this year but it looks like we picked the right song to add to the poll!

EP of the Year Award

Big Lich for the Dark Matter EP

I was blown away at how big of a win this was for Big Lich. They took 25.55% of the vote, with NeoSlave in second with 18.72% and The Horrornauts with 12.78%. It’s a well deserved win, as Dark Matter was easily one of my favorite releases of 2017. Now it’s officially EP of the Year!

Album of the Year

Ethereal Delusions for Ascension

With 28.74% of the votes, Ethereal Delusions edged out Kid Neon for the top prize of 2017. I know that I personally thought that Ascension was not only one of 2017’s best but also one of the best records in my collection. Ethereal Delusions pushed the progressive synthwave envelope further than anyone else this year across all of his projects, and Ascension is the culmination of all that hard work, which is great because trying new things isn’t always so well accepted.

Once again, thank you to everyone who voted and for everyone who made 2017 one of the best years in my life. The Synthies are a celebration for all the accomplishments this year and I want to be clear that everyone is a winner in my book. I wish I could be like Oprah and say “You get a Synthy” and “YOU get a Synthy!” But alas, I can’t. Congrats to the winners and congrats to all the nominees. Now let’s go out and make 2018 an even bigger year!


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