Synthaid – Synthageddon’s Ultimate Charity Comp

2017 saw the rise of charitable compilations in the synthwave scene. Pretty much every label had at least one, and then you had individuals or small groups getting together to build a roster of talent in order to help the charity of their choice. It’s one of the things I’m most proud of as I cover this scene…the willingness by almost every single artist to contribute their work toward bigger and better things. All that being said, I think Synthageddon just created the biggest and baddest charity comp of them all, and right in time for the holidays! Got a friend who loves synthwave? Best gift ever. Got a friend who’s always asking you about synthwave, what it is, who are the artists? Best gift ever. You’re a fan yourself and you don’t have it already? Best gift ever.

These two massive compilations are donating all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders, the world’s leading emergency medical humanitarian aid organisation. They provide emergency assistance to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics and natural or man-made disasters, without discrimination and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. They work in over 60 countries and go to places where others cannot or choose not to go. In short…this is a charity worth getting behind!

So, what are you getting on these comps? More bands than I have time to list! Both Sunset and Moonlight have 31 tracks a piece, making this a combined monster of 62 songs by the best artists in the business. I mean, seriously, scroll through the artists on the players above…at 4 pounds an album you are getting an extraordinary value PLUS the knowledge that your money is going to a good cause. Want to show you Synthaid pride when you’re out about town? Well thankfully Square Wave has a solution for you too! Check out these shirts! They have them available with or without download codes. If you buy the shirts with the album you actually get a discount on the music!

Here are the links to find the shirts:

Moonlight WITH album download

Moonlight, just the shirt

Sunset WITH album download

Sunset, just the shirt

Now that you know what the compilations are, I’m sure you probably want to know where you can find them! You can find them both at Bandcamp! Moonlight can be found by clicking HERE, and Sunset can be found by clicking HERE. Check them out, donate, and help celebrate the good things being done in the synthwave scene.

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