New Music: Player One / Out With the Old, In With the New

Bristol’s Player One (formerly known as Beat’em Max) is primed and ready to take 2018 by the horns. His new album, Out With the Old, In With the New is absolutely stacked with hits. The only problem he’s going to run into is deciding which songs to choose as singles. What’s more, is that this collection of songs is DOUBLE the value for your money. It includes the full debut Beat’em Max EP plus extra tracks and remixes. Very cool indeed!

If you aren’t already familiar with Player One through his previous music, you’re in for a treat! His music is well produced, catchy as hell, and is so good you’ll wonder why you’re not hearing it on the radio. And don’t let the word “radio” scare you into thinking this is cookie cutter synthwave…oh no. This is a cutting edge blend of creative hooks, sometimes devilishly dark, but always creative music. It’s also not clear cut synthwave, but I think it’s great when artists don’t find themselves constrained by specific genre tropes.

Out With the Old, In With the New is OUT on December 24th and should be in everyone’s synth stockings for the holidays. Check it out right now over at Bandcamp and get in the know before everyone else. I’m telling you, Player One is a name you’ll be seeing plenty of next year!

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