New Music: Gloom Influx / Remixes Volume 1

It’s hard to beat a good remix, but putting together a whole collection of quality remixes can be a daunting task. You have to strike that balance between faithfulness to the original tracks that fans already enjoy while also providing something new. More than that, you’ve also go to manage this with multiple artists behind the wheel of the source material. More often than not remix collections end up feeling like a hollow imitation of the original tracks with only a handful of standout contributions. Gloom Influx has sidestepped all of the hurdles with Remixes Volume 1 and has put forth an extremely varied alternate look at not only his tracks, but also some remixes he’s contributed to other artists!

You heard me right! Not only is Remixes Volume 1 a collection of remixed Gloom Influx material, you’re getting some cool bonus content. Included are Gloom Influx remixes of standout artists like The Algorithm, Maddame, Réno, Robert Parker, Leslie Nayoko, and LVX! Contributors who add their own twist to Gloom Influx’s work are also a who’s who list of artists: Aller Retour, SurgeryHead, Microchip Terror, Kid Neon, Stilz, Réno, Lesilie Nayoko, and LVX. By mixing his own tracks and those that he’s remixed for others, Gloom Influx has created a must own package of tunes. These songs are never boring, keep you guessing as to what sort of soundscape is going to come next, and create an ebb and flow that makes Remixes Volume 1 a complete record start to finish.

Check out this amazing Kid Neon remix of Anodizer!

Remixes Volume 1 just hit Bandcamp this month and it’s currently a “Name Your Price” bargain, so get on it! Gloom Influx has certainly been one of the most consistently great artists of the year and he has just put an exclamation point on the end of his 2017. Who else is ready to see what he has on offer for 2018?

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