New Music: Mesh / Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig

It’s no secret that Mesh have been one of my favorite bands for close to 20 years. Their complex song structures, razor sharp hooks, and emotionally packed vocals have made them a mainstay in my collection. Imagine my excitement when they took part in the Gothic Meets Klassik series and recorded a set at the Gewandhaus Leipzig, Germany with a 65 person classical orchestra to a sold out crowd. Now we get those songs along with 3 stripped down studio tracks in what is a MUST OWN addition to the Mesh discography.

I’m not sure how long it took Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn to come up with their setlist for the show, but when you have a group of songs as deep and rich as Mesh I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to make. I believe they made the best possible choices because the songs chosen played hand in hand with the orchestra, making for a fluid combination that seemed like they were meant to be heard that way.

Now that I’ve primed the pump for the setlist, let’s explore what they played. The show begins with Just Leave Us Alone from 2013’s Automation Baby. This is followed by 2009’s Only Better from A Perfect Solution. Then, in classic Mesh fashion, they inserted one of their amazingly strong b-sides, Save Everyone, which first appeared on the How Long? single (and then later on the An Alternative Solution b-side and remix collection). Then we go back to Automation Baby and it’s moving closer, You Couldn’t See This Coming. The live set closes with Automation Baby’s Taken for Granted (remember, this live set was recorded in 2015 when that was the band’s latest release).

But wait! We’re not done. Mesh have included 3 stripped down tracks to round out this amazing collection. The first of these is Can You Mend Hearts from 2006’s album, We Collide. Then we get a goosebump inducing version of There Must Be A Way from 2016’s Looking Skyward. The closing song on the album is another from Looking Skyward, Before This World Ends, which is a fitting coda for these classically amended songs.

If you haven’t checked out this amazing collection from Mesh, you can buy Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig at your digital distributor of choice. I prefer Bandcamp! Want it in physical format? Head over to the Mesh Store! While you’re here, check out our interview with Mark Hockings from earlier this year!

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