New Music: Altvater / Walking Creatures EP

Altvater is back with a new music…an intriguing mix of processed vocals, amazing bass lines, soaring synths, and deep bass. Walking Creatures is honestly one of the most original releases I’ve had the chance to check out this year. It’s like a blend of Badass Wolf Shirt, Robots With Rayguns, and the saloon piano from Westworld. Tell me you’re not interested after reading a line like that?!?

It’s not very often that I get to say it, but this is unlike most anything you’ve ever heard before. Sure, I likened to a blend of certain artists before, but to leave it there would be selling Altvater short. What he’s accomplished here is a truly unique synth project. Unlike other artists it’s like he lets the underbelly of each track take the lead…droning bass driving the course the songs take. On top of this you have layers of sounds, sometimes from widely different sources, that somehow create a melody out of chaos.

If you’re looking for something immersive, something different, and something that defies categorization, Altvater’s Walking Creatures EP should be added to your playlists post haste. He’s grown his sound in bold and expressive ways since his last release, Alpine Nights, and he’s got my attention. He should have yours too.

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