New Music: The Powerwalker / A New World

2017 is almost over but that doesn’t mean that the year in music is over. Far from it! To prove this, The Powerwalker just dropped what has to be his best work to date. A New World, his first full length record on RetroSynth Records, is filled to the brim with dark cyberpunk riffs, brooding hellscapes, and back beats that hit so hard you’re going to find yourself head banging often. Did I mention it’s also really good? Because it is.

The Powerwalker has begun work on a new series of records called The Black Sun Trilogy, with A New World being the first entry. It certainly sets the stage for what is to come in a very bold way, establishing a world where things have obviously not gone as planned. From the beginning seconds of this record you get the feeling that you’ve stepped into a place where danger and mystery lurk behind every corner. This is both terrifying but also intriguing, and curiosity had me on the edge waiting to hear where each new song would take me.

Where A New World succeeds the most is how well it flows from start to finish. These songs are well crafted individually, but as a whole they become something more. The album also further proves how much talent there is out there in this scene. The Powerwalker has truly outdone himself on this record and it left me wanting more than the 10 tracks available, which is a great way to sell me on this trilogy!

You can find A New World by The Powerwalker right now on Bandcamp at a “Name Your Price” bargain. There aren’t enough cyberpunk synthwave albums out there so if you want more of this type of work, please support the artists like The Powerwalker that make them. It’s a brilliant piece of work and deserves all the attention it can get!

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