New Music: Gregorio Franco / The Void Knows Your Name

One of the biggest thrills I’ve gotten over this past year is watching the rise of Gregorio Franco through the dark synthwave ranks. When I was at the show where Gregorio Franco opened for Perturbator and heard the buzz running through the crowd after his set, I was beyond proud of how much everyone enjoyed it. Fast forward to Echosynthetic Fest where he played this song live, seeing everyone bang their head while Gregorio paced the stage and slammed his fist down with each heavy beat…it’s something that almost has to be experienced to understand it! Thankfully he has released “The Void Knows Your Name” as a single so now everyone can get a taste of what I’m talking about.

”The Void Knows Your Name” is available right now on Bandcamp and it’s sure to tap any dark synth needs you may have. Also, check out this new killer artwork! Gives me the chills!


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