New Artist Alert: Rale Daver / Big Trouble

My regular readers already know this, but if you’re new to Echosynthetic you are going to learn that I absolutely love championing new talent. There is nothing I love more than shining a light on an artist that is insanely talented, whose only negative is that they’ve not been exposed to a wider audience. I’m telling you right now, talent has absolutely NOTHING to do with how long you’ve been on the scene…it’s all about good music. With that long introduction, I’d like to introduce you to Rale Daver, an artist I’m going to be following with great interest in 2018.

When I have a New Artist Alert post it’s a bit of a mixed bag how I come across the act. Sometimes I get a message from another artist urging me to check someone out. Other times I stumble across them scouring Bandcamp or looking at what other people have been retweeting. I also get submission emails, almost too many to go through. There was a time when I was able to check out every single one, but the honest truth is that I’ve grown past that point. I would love to cover every single band that contacts me, but I’m just a guy that runs a blog out of his family room. In short, your submission email has to be to the point, catch my attention, and make me dig deeper. Rale Daver sent me what has to be the best e-mail I’ve gotten since I started the site at the beginning of last year. I hope he doesn’t mind if I quote him here, but this was the closing line of his e-mail:

I know my shit is good. I’ve worked harder on it than anything in my life, and I think it deserves ears. So please take a few minutes to give it a listen. And PLEASE let me know what you think. Feedback is all I’m after.

If you’re going to be a fish in a pond as big as synthwave…a pond that seems to be sprouting new fish daily…you’d better be sure that the product you’re putting out there is good. There was something else about his e-mail that struck a chord in me. I’ve been in his shoes before. Before I started Echosynthetic I wrote tens of thousands of words in reviews that no one ever read, save for a select and loyal group of people. It was frustrating to no end, almost to the point where I didn’t want to write anymore. Sometimes it takes someone showing an interest in all that hard work to really motivate you…to push you farther than ever before. For me, it was Gost, taking a chance on a no name blog, sitting down for drinks, and allowing me to interview him. I’m by no means comparing myself to Gost, but if being a beacon for all the amazing new talent out there helps even one artist push past the frustration and understand that there are people out there that love their music…well, that’s what Echosynthetic is all about.

You might be wondering if Rale Daver was able to back up his claim about how good his music is. The short answer is yes. The long answer is HELL YES. As soon as I followed the link to his Soundcloud page and the music started playing, I was instantly impressed. First off, there is no cookie cutter in sight. Take any preconceived notions about darksynth, cyberpunk, or darkwave and throw them out the window. Rale Daver is bringing heavy beats, infusing all sorts of new and unique sounds (Tribal drums?!? Yes, please!), and layering each track with a precision that is almost unheard of from a new artist. As soon as Big Trouble was over I immediately played it again, and then again. Now I want it live. I want to see the crowd bounce to these beats, see the reaction when the synths soar over harmonies that sound like they were inspired by the best video game and movie soundtracks you’ve never heard before (because Rale Daver is creating them in the here and now), and hear the chants for “one more song” when the set ends.

Check out this cool take on Metroid!

Big Trouble is officially my new favorite EP, and as I mentioned before, Rale Daver is very high on my list to watch (and listen) out for in 2018. If you’re looking for big sounds, a new artist willing to take some risks, and music that is guaranteed to have your body moving, Rale Daver’s Big Trouble EP is a great way to kick off your year. Check him out at Bandcamp, Soundcloud (don’t forget to give him a follow), Twitter, and Facebook.

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