New Music: Caustic / American Carrion

Caustic is and always has been one of my favorite industrial artists. Why? Because he doesn’t care what trends are…he doesn’t care what the radio says you should be listening to…and more importantly, he’s an independent artist that legitimately cares about his fanbase. Supporting independent artists like that are 100% what Echosynthetic is about, and it just so happens that Caustic has a new record out! American Carrion released to a great deal of chart success, blazing up the EBM and Industrial charts at Bandcamp. Let’s check it out and see what all the fuss is about.

Industrial and EBM music have always had a rebellious streak as genres. There’s a pushback against authority, the status quo, and various forms of injustice that goes unnoticed by the masses. You could call them the punk rock wings of synth based music. Caustic isn’t just pushing back with American Carrion…he’s not whispering or hoping that someone will hear what he has to say. On the contrary, he’s waving a flag and stomping his feet, and shouting from the rooftops. This isn’t just the Caustic record we wanted, it’s legitimately an album we needed. Music is for everyone, and within it we have shared experiences. American Carrion isn’t just Caustic’s flag. This is your flag too. When he’s shouting out “Fuck That Fascist Beat,” he’s saying it for you and he’s saying it for me too. He’s also saying it’s okay to say something, you SHOULD be saying something.

Beyond the political and social views on American Carrion, there’s something else I want to mention. It’s an absolute banger of a record. How do you pick a standout track when every single song could be a legitimate single? This is easily one of the best records in Caustic’s storied discography, and a work that he should be very proud of. For the sake of transparency I should mention that I support Caustic over at Patreon, and as such I’ve had the opportunity to hear this album develop over the past year. Like I said before, one of the things that’s so great about Caustic is his relationship with his fanbase is very organic. When your fanbase feels like they’re a part of the process you’ve succeeded as in independent artist. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the great work by Null Device/Klack’s Eric Oehler, who mixed American Carrion, and Consolidated’s Mark Pistel, who mastered it. Stupendous job on both of their parts!

You can find American Carrion right now over at Bandcamp, and I urge you to check it out. Caustic has most certainly kicked off the year with an album that I’ll be listening to for a long time to come. Ready to get your body moving? Ready to bang your head? Ready to say “Head down…fingers up?” Then American Carrion is exactly what you need.

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