New Music: Hexenkraft / DevilPunk

Of all the artists I covered in 2017 here at Echosynthetic, Hexenkraft is easily one of my favorites. Let’s be completely transparent here…there are a lot of copycat artists out there, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s how music has been since the beginning. Imitation of the music you love can create new and exciting avenues to explore, and it’s also a safe comfort zone that doesn’t challenge the boundaries of what you’re used to. There is also a much smaller group…I’d even venture to say it’s small enough to call it exclusive. This is where you find your innovators…artists who don’t see boundaries when they write their music. They are true creators and I liken their ability to pull this music out of thin air to a kind of magic. Well, in the case of Hexenkraft, he’s walking up to the edge of the abyss and pulling the music out of the infinite void below.

As soon as you hear the beginning notes of a new Hexenkraft song you know a few things immediately. 1.) You know you’re listening to Hexenkraft. There’s absolutely no one else that sounds like him, not even close. He has a defined sound…almost an aesthetic…that is undeniably his. 2.) You’re in for one hell of a dark adventure. I don’t use the word “hell” loosely there. Remember that small group of innovators I mentioned earlier? Well there’s an even smaller group within those innovators that have a firm grasp on the underbelly of synthwave. No one artist sits on the throne…no, this is chaotic evil here…but he does have the keys to the throne room and enjoys his share of the kingdom.

Be sure to head over to Bandcamp and check out his new single, DevilPunk. It has a dark majesty about it that slow burns its way across the four minute running time. Never content to let you settle into a comfortable groove, DevilPunk keeps you on edge the entire time, tension thick enough to cut with a knife. You can be sure that I’ll be keeping you posted on what Hexenkraft is up to this year, but in the meantime, enjoy this primer to what he’s got up his sleeve.

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