New Music: JJ.Christie / Synaesthesia

That’s right boys and girls, JJ.Christie is back and he’s delivering another much needed synthpop infusion into the scene. Synaesthesia further grows the impressive discography that JJ.Christie is building over at the Filtersweep Collective. 2017 was a developing year for Christie and his new label…I’d dare to say that 2018 is going to be much bigger and better on all fronts!

Though I mentioned before that Synaesthesia is a solid synthpop outing, I want you to understand that it’s so much more than that. Sure, at its core the record has a synthpop heart that beats strong. Where the album diverges from that foundation is in the way it explores a futuristic sound with no recognizable formula. By allowing his songs to explore the space he is creating, JJ.Christie has created an ambitious record that isn’t beholden to traditional synthpop tropes. In short, it’s an exciting listen because you don’t know where this trip is going to go!

Once again, JJ.Christie shows his prowess in the studio, delivering a crisp, enjoyable, and infinitely listenable record. Be sure to keep your eyes on what he’s up to this year! Filtersweep Collective has an amazing pool of talent, and with JJ.Christie at the helm I’d say they’re in good hands. Alright, enough of my rambling…Synaesthesia is available right now over at Bandcamp!

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