The Echo Chamber Part III

Alright everybody! Ezno Van Baelen, co-founder of TimeSlave Recordings, is back for his third edition of The Echo Chamber! Enjoy!!!

It’s been a long time, as Rakim once said.

Mainly, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in record mailers trying to get vinyl to the people. (I know, tough gig!)

What hasn’t stopped is the mountain of new retro-inspired releases. In particular, I absolutely loved the Ladies of Synth compilation, which kept me going last week when I was trying to plough through the latest deliveries.

Most pleasing was the fact that James managed to rescue the site, and the reaction of the community to that disaster was unbelievable. We need more sites like this – it’s the blogs and podcasts that keep the scene going and tie everyone together after all. I know that we owe a lot to Echosynthetic.

I might as well update people on progress at TimeSlave HQ while I’m on my soap box.

Christmas was stressful – we had 5 vinyl releases arrive at once: Occams Laser (Ascension), Futurecop! (The Movie), Kid Neon (Darker Days), The G (Cosmopolis) and of course FutureSounds Volume 1.

The stress of trying to get our shipping account started took it’s toll. Wrong labels, wrong printer, wrong time of year to start sending mass mailings! But we’ve come through the other side and with the help of friends and family we managed to clear the backlog earlier today.

I know I’m speaking for both Kid Neon and I when I say that the signing of Occams Laser was a great start to the year. We are building a team of artists to compete with the biggest labels and I’m so proud to work with everyone on the roster. You really should expect big things from us in 2018.

In particular, we’ve got new releases from 24-7, Night Raptor and myself coming soon.

We also want to try and feature more sounds from across the retro-space. We’ve just put out a classic vaporwave album by waterfront dining on vinyl for the first time, and I think there’s space in this scene of ours to embrace a whole range of electronic genres. That’s definitely the direction in which we’re headed – but don’t worry… Synthwave will always be our thing.

I won’t ramble on, though. You’re here for the tunes not the chat. I know 😉


Track 1

Kiile – Dancing with a ghost (New Retro Wave)

This dreamwave track is outrageously smooth. As one member of the Synthwave Vinyl Collector’s group on Facebook put it – “the closest thing you’re gonna get to MPM’s sound on vinyl.

Track 2

Sebastian Gampl – Winner (Rad Rush – TimeSlave repress coming soon)

Strictly speaking this ain’t new. But we are doing a repress of this early classic from Gampl. Synthpop at it’s finest, if you’re not shaking out to this after 30 seconds I’m not sure we’re from the same planet.

Track 3

waterfront dining – car (TimeSlave Recordings)

Our first venture into a scene described as dead since before it was created. The beautiful vacuous atmospherics are both calming and alarming. Enough has been written about vaporwave and post-vaporwave to last a lifetime, but this is just cool music. One of my all-time favourites and judging by the reaction since we released this morning, I’m not alone…

Track 4

ZAYAZ – Dream Sequence シーケンス

This came out a few weeks ago. The latest by a hugely prolific and talented artist. Disclaimer: we have worked with ZAYAZ. We want to work with him more. Summertime funk, just when you needed it most. The mercury’s hovering about 2 above freezing here today and you wouldn’t know it.

Track 5

Enzo Van Baelen – Termination (TimeSlave)

When you spend 35+ hours in an office and the rest packing envelopes, tweeting and organising a label there’s not much time left to work on tracks. But I’m pleased to say that I’m just about ready to put my debut album out. I’ll let you guys be the judge, but I hope it’s enjoyable and unpretentious.

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