Exclusive Premiere: We Are Parasols / ss.tab Music Video

I’m excited to share with everyone the music video premiere of ss.tab by the Portland, Oregon trio of We Are Parasols. The powerful track comes from their full length album, Inertia, which released in December on No Movement Records. If you like your music with depth, storytelling, and a penchant for visual flair, We Are Parasols are going to be your new favorite band. Let’s check out the video below before we dig into the story behind it:

As soon as the video for ss.tab starts, you are aware that you’re not watching a cookie cutter, turn and burn music video. A lot of thought, effort, and creativity went into this arresting piece…a music video that shows that the word “art” can and should be used more when visually representing ideas found in music.

Directed by Jason Roark with art direction by Sara Bergqvist, ss.tab keeps you on edge, almost uncomfortable yet unable to keep your eyes anywhere but on the screen. We Are Parasol’s musically rich and unsettling track created a perfect canvas for the vision of the music video, which features Emma Bell from Portland synthpop/shoegaze group Vibrissae (her face is being projected onto the mask).

Jeremy Wilkins from We Are Parasols had this to say about the song and the video:

About the song, ‘ss.tab’ is a pivotal track from our album ‘Inertia’. The album is a concept record about an android sex worker who gains free will and autonomy through a purposefully implanted virus. The song is later in the story and a turning point for the main character known only as ss.tab or a synthetic sexual tasked android body. It’s the point where our hero becomes anti-hero and chooses to embrace violence. ss.tab decides to take revenge on all humankind and in doing so becomes a frightening reflection of the human oppressors.

The video’s director, Jason Roark, bought the mask used in the video with the intent to project a face onto it years ago but had been sitting on the idea until he heard our record and we explained the android themes and the character’s transformation to him. He then presented the visual concept to us as an exploration of the shadow-self and the masked android character was created to represent the frightening and violent alter-ego of D’s original more human-like character. The contrasting dance footage on the stark white backdrop was inspired by ultra clean fashion photography and runway videos.

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