Limited Vinyl Alert! Wolf and Raven / Ace of Space on Sofa King Vinyl

With the new Wolf and Raven masterpiece, Ace of Space, selling like hotcakes on vinyl I figured I’d give all my readers a chance to snag one of the few remaining copies. As of this writing there are only 41 of 100 copies left and this thing just went on sale last week. And don’t you worry about quality…this isn’t just any old vinyl. It’s Sofa King Vinyl, a name synonymous with quality. You can find it HERE, and act fast or you’re going to miss out.

So, why exactly is this record selling so fast? If you’ve listened to Wolf and Raven before, you’re already aware that this duo cuts no corners, have their finger on the pulse of the 1980’s, and are masters of any genre of music they decide to point their creativity towards. Ace of Space is a self-described soundtrack that could be used in an anime space opera (mission certainly accomplished). Inspired by cartoons, video games, and movies, Wolf and Raven’s Ace of Space truly has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for more information on the band, head over to the Wolf and Raven website, check out their music at Bandcamp,  and don’t forget that Sofa King Vinyl!

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