New Music: Crusader / Rage of Streets

Crusader is back and he’s better than ever. We last covered him when he dropped Space Guardian last summer (you can find that article HERE), and we were very impressed then. We’re even more impressed now. Rage of Streets just dropped on RetroSynth Records and I’m about to tell you why you should be listening to it right now. Crusader’s mastery of backbeats has been combined with some of the best hooks and harmonies of the new year to create a record that doesn’t just sound good. It sounds epic. Like an event!

Rage of Streets succeeds because it finds a perfect balance between a nostalgic vibe and a very relevant “here and now” sound. Beyond that, I’d dare to say that Crusader is developing a sound that will influence artists going forward as well. His unique blend of synthwave infused with hip-hop beats oozes coolness in a way that no other artist has been able to tap into so cohesively. What Crusader has done is create a sound and vision for himself that truly stands out, and in a sea of copycats that is a very impressive feat.

Crusader, if he wasn’t already, should be getting heavy rotation in your playlists. Rage of Streets sees him rising to the upper levels of synthwave and is a must own record. Mix in guest appearances from Straplocked, GlitterWølf (Streets of Rage is a guaranteed single of the year contender), and Keybeaux and you’ve got one of 2018’s hottest releases, hands down. You can get your hands on Rage of Streets in a few different ways. There’s digital and compact disc versions available over at Bandcamp and a limited edition vinyl you can find at Qrates!

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