World Premiere: Broads / Field Theory

The electronic duo of Broads are set to launch their fourth full length album this Friday, February 16th, but I’ve got your exclusive sneak peek right here! The Norwich based James Ferguson and Mark Jennings had already set the stage with their January release of the ‘Climbs + 1’ single back in January. Thankfully the wait is almost over, as Field Theory is almost upon us! Enjoy the early bird stream!

The definition of the term ‘Field Theory’ offers up a very interesting way to experience this new record:

A psychological theory which examines patterns of interaction between the individual and his or her environment

When applied to this record it completely changes the way you hear these songs. Broads have created an album in Field Theory that feels like an exploration…an eye opening look at the way music interacts with and affects our daily lives. No two tracks are alike, each one pulling you into a different space with its own rules and story to tell. All of this makes the album feel adventurous, something that is sorely lacking in the cookie cutter world of music we live in these days. You honestly don’t realize how “ready to serve” music is until you hear something like Field Theory. It pushes against the grain and shows that Broads are willing to take risks and explore new territories, creating a refreshing feeling that doesn’t wane on repeat listens.

Photo Credits: Matthew Tullett

As I mentioned earlier, Broads have written an album where no two songs sound alike, allowing Field Theory to defy the constraints of categorization. It fuses the old with the new, creating synth harmonies that could have been written any time, in a number of eras. They’ve also blended in stark piano scores, hybrid shoegaze and progressive melodies, and droning ambient spaces to dive into. I wasn’t joking when I said that Broads had creating a real sense of adventure here!

Field Theory hits on Friday, February the 16th in a number of formats. You can pre-order it right now in digital, cd, and vinyl over at the Broads Bandcamp page (CLICK HERE). In the meantime, enjoy the absolutely immersive experience that Field Theory has to offer. Be sure to give Broads a follow:

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