RetroSynth Records & Scott Forte Present: Ladies of Synth Vol 1 and 2

Scott Forte is a man of many talents. He runs a successful music label in RetroSynth Records, is pretty much agreed upon as a super nice guy (in a business that isn’t really full of people like that), and he compiles the best compilations ever. At the end of last year he compiled one of the coolest one-two punch comps yet when he released Ladies of Synth volumes 1 and 2. We’re talking close to 100 tracks of modern synth music where the focus is on the women who are changing the landscape. I personally think we need WAY more women in synthwave and with a community as welcoming and supportive as this, it’s really the perfect environment to grow creatively. Huge props to Scott for bringing these impressive volumes of music together. Even if just one young woman hears these songs and thinks, “Hey, maybe I can do that too!” then he’s pulled off something special.

Here’s what Scott had to say about the compilations over at Bandcamp:

This has been a long time coming, there are many females in synth music that need their voices and productions to be heard, and on this compilation they are front and center for the first time ever!

RetroSynth Records is proud to bring you the first ever Synth compilation devoted to female vocalists and producers “Ladies of Synth”!

I spent the past month trying to assemble the best tracks I could find for this and I am truly pleased with the end result.

The first Volume starts out with lots of awesome synth-pop & synthwave tracks, and then moves later into amazing italo disco, and then later into faster outrun, some darker tracks and electronic rock tracks. It closes out on a slower darker pace which also continues into Volume 2.

The second Volume starts right where Volume 1 left off and moves into Darkwave and Downtempo territory, later picking up the pace with some Outrun and then finding its way back into the light again with shimmering synth-pop and Dreamwave before closing out things with an epic operatic track!

I strongly urge you to head over to Bandcamp and check out both volumes. Each one has its own distinct sound and feel, with countless opportunities to marvel at the talent he’s brought together. You can find Volume 1 HERE and Volume 2 HERE. The Ladies of Synth shines a very bright light on why I love this community so much. We’re all here together for each other, wanting success for even the smallest of artists, whether they be man, woman, trans, gay, straight, or undecided. It doesn’t matter! We all speak the common language of music, and in that language we find a place where we can all agree. Scott Forte is a master at translating that music and filtering it in such a way that everyone feels important and gets to share in the experience. Hats off to him and hats off to the ladies that made the magic here.


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