Valentine’s Day Special: Stilz / For You

Every year I like to do a special Valentine’s Day album focus and it was just meant to be that Stilz would get the honors this year. His new album, For You, drops today, on the most romantic of days, and in classic Stilz fashion, it’s really, really good. Dedicated to his wife Jenn, it’s an atmospheric (and dare I say upbeat) collection of songs that flow one into the other. Let’s check it out!

For You is eight tracks that play out, for me anyway, like the story of someone falling in love. From the onset you get Catch Your Breath, a slow build of a song that is full of hope and wonder, a bit of mystery, and anticipation of what comes next. Meant to Be is that head over heels fall that either ends in heartache or a heart bursting with love, and the tone here suggests that love is the final destination here. First Kiss is a stunning tribute to one of those moments we always remember. It’s handled with reverence and care and works to showcase the subtle talents that Stilz has as a songwriter, creating a visual scene out of nothing but the music we hear.

Scarlet Lips is a showcase single that reminds you (should you need it) why Stilz is one of the best in the business. It’s so well layered, has a hook that is undeniable, and a bassline that other artists would kill for. Wreckless Love follows like a one-two punch, with soaring synths and riffs that go off key and fade away in such an unorthodox way (the song title comes into play here) that it totally works. There For You (feat. Touya Modi) is a beautifully crafted collaboration that was previously found on the ‘A Synth Love Affair’ compilation from Synthetix Sundays and Future 80’s Records. You Got Me Hooked is a body mover and sure to be a new fan favorite…providing a new Stilz classic track that sounds very modern while retaining those roots that draw you back to his music time after time. Take Me With You closes out For You with one of the best layered tracks on the record, tinged with a bit of melancholy, but isn’t love like that sometimes?


For You by Stilz releases today and can be found by heading over to Bandcamp. While you’re listening you might find yourself asking the question, “Who else is making music like this?” The short answer is, no one. The long answer is, no one, so soak it in, support artists who create the soundtracks that we live our days by, and enjoy it!

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